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Un set que incluye piezas y accesorios para el juego creativo y gran cantidad de modelos.


Magformers Expert Set has the most pieces of all Magformers sets. It comes with Carnival, Emergency and Heavy Equipment parts. Children can create a variety of models at once.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 64
Square X 60
Isosceles Triangle X 24
Rectangle X 16
Pentagon X 12
Hexagon X 8
Diamond X 16
Trapezoid X 16
Super Triangle X 8
Super Square X 16
Xl Triangle X 30
Xl Square X 28
Xl Rectangle X 8
Xl Hexagon X 4
Xl Diamond X 8
Xl Trapezoid X 4

Basic Accessories

Insert Square X 40
Ferris Wheel Base X 1
Ferris Wheel Side X 2
Ferris Wheel Y-Shape X 2
Ferris Wheel Axle X 1
Ferris Wheel Circular Parts X 2
Single Wheel X 8
Wheel X 8
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
XL Hinge X 1
Cylinder Connector X 1
Arm Connector X 2
Diamond Connector X 2
Siren(Construction Accessory Set) X 1
Construction Figure X 1
Police Figure X 1
Siren(Emergency Set) X 1
Ladder Holder X 2